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A reboot

I started blogging occassionally a few years ago, and my first blog was on However, for various reasons (life changes, scheduling, focus on work etc.) I pretty much stopped blogging. The oldest post on my Wordpress blog is from July 2012. Wow! Even I am surprised at how long it has been since I added anything new.

Back to 2015. I’ve been thinking about rebooting my blog for several weeks, and finally decided to take the first step. I hope to blog more frequently than I’ve done in the past few years.

For setup, I decided to generate my blog via Octopress and host it on GitHub Pages. I really like Octopress’s simplicity, look and feel, and control over various aspects of blog generation and hosting. Another advantage is that I do most of my writing in Markdown format, which is the default for Octopress. Lastly, Octopress generates my blog as static HTML.

My next steps are to figure out what to do about my old Wordpress posts. I needed to decide whether I am going to import them here, link to them instead of importing, or simply ignore.