Favorite Books in 2021

Now that we are done with 2021, it is time to list some of my favorite books from last year.

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Refresh - 2022

After a fairly long hiatus, I am hoping to resume blogging in 2022. This is a test post to ensure that all the tooling (Hugo, my theme etc.) works as expected. Time to hit refresh!

→ Do You Need Self Discipline To Have Fun?

I can relate to this excellent post by Scott Young, where he makes the case that ease of doing an activity and its enjoyment aren’t the same.

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Applicative Laws for ((->) r) Type

Haskell’s function type ((->) r) is an Applicative functor. Similar to the previous two posts in this series, in this post I will verify that the applicative laws hold for the ((->) r) type.

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Applicative Laws for [] Type

Haskell’s list type [] is an Applicative functor. Similar to the previous post, this post will verify that the applicative laws hold for the [] type.

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Applicative Laws for Maybe Type

Applicative functors come with a set of laws that apply for all Applicative instances. These laws are as follows:

  • Identity: pure id <*> v = v

  • Homomorphism: pure f <*> pure x = pure (f x)

  • Interchange: u <*> pure y = pure ($y) <*> u

  • Composition: pure (.) <*> u <*> v <*> w = u <*> (v <*> w)

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Maybe as an Applicative Functor

Maybe type is made an instance of the Applicative type class as follows:

instance Applicative Maybe where
    pure = Just
    Nothing <*> _ = Nothing
    (Just f) <*> something = fmap f something

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Pascal’s Triangle

One of the exercises in Structure and Implementation of Computer Programs deals with generating elements of the Pascal’s Triangle.

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Index Based List Operations Using folds in Haskell

When working with lists in Haskell, occasionally there’s a need to perform index based operations, such as adding an element at a particular index. As a Haskell newbie, using foldl or foldr is not the first idea that comes to mind when indices are involved. However, there is a general pattern that can be applied when using folds for index-based list operations.

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→ Talking About Money

Patrick McKenzie wrote an excellent post about compensation and salary transparency. The entire post is really informative, but for me, this passage is a true gem. Every word here is absolutely true:

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